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A Comprehensive Range of Gold Coast Skip Bins

The Gold Coast is notorious for its surfing beaches, high-rise dominated skyline, theme parks, nightlife and rainforest hinterland so it’s easy to see why the Gold Coast is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Queensland.

Magic Bins is a trusted name in the Gold Coast skip bin industry, why? Because we’re experienced, highly professional and reliable skip bins Gold Coast provider. Our team service your Gold Coast skips bins fast, efficiently, and safely.

2m³ to 12m³ Skip Bins Available

Fully Licensed & Insured Business

Licensed Asbestos Transporter

Over 18 Years’ Experience

Same Day Delivery

We would love to help you out with your clean-up project in the Northern Gold Coast! Call the Magic Bins Hire Gold Coast team on 3829 9457 for a quote.


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We aim to maintain our competitive edge within the skip bin hire Gold Coast industry, and that means that we are keen to offer you the best prices in the Gold Coast area on our diverse range of Skip Bins Gold Coast. Whether you require a single 2m³ Gold Coast skip bin hire or one of our jumbo 12m³ units, we want to ensure that you are getting the value-for-money service that you deserve with Magic Bins Skip Bins Hire Gold Coast. To book your hire your skip bins Gold Coast call our friendly team today.

Gold Coast Skip Bins

About Gold Coast Skip Bin

Here at Magic Skip Bins, our Gold Coast Skip Bins business is family operated and owned. Our skip bin hire Gold Coast business provides skip bins across the Gold Coast, Queensland. We are operating a fleet of four modern vehicles and more than 250 skip bins.

Our company has been providing outstanding skip bin and rubbish removal services in Gold Coast for years now. Our local and family owned skip bins company provide services all over the Gold Coast, Australia with skip bin sizes that range from 2 to 12m³.

We have helpful, reliable, and well-experienced staff that will service all your skip bins needs safely, efficiently and fast. Your skip bins will always arrive on time and will be placed in your preferred spot for safe access and easy loading.

We are an insured and licensed skip bin provider so rest assured that you will be in good hands with us.

Why Hire Skip Bin Gold Coast

Competitive Pricing

Hiring us means all your rubbish, whether from your home or business property will be cleaned up without spending too much. We have a very competitive price from the other skip bins in the area, which is why household and businesses prefer us amongst the rest. We will make sure to take care of your properties when it comes to waste and rubbish removal solution.

High Quality Skip Bins

Our skip bins are available in different sizes, which range from 2 to 12m³. They can all be rented for waste disposal and can be rented for short term and long term. All the bins are made out of high-quality steel and are under Australian standards, which makes them durable and ideal for heavy loads. All the bins are loaded using a machine, but there are some that have a door option for easier loading.

No Weight Limit

Unlike other skip bin companies, we don’t have any weight limit. The only thing that we ask is to only level the rubbish up until the rim. But we ask you not to include any prohibited items, including batteries, tyres, paint, oil, asbestos, food, liquid, and gas bottles.

Licensed to Dispose Asbestos

If you have materials from light builders, furniture, junk, and green waste, we can all dispose them for you with no extra cost. We also have bins for your asbestos if you have any asbestos contaminated soil. Worry not because we are licensed to disposed and as well as transport them. Just make sure that they are already pre-arranged and that they are in a separate bin.

Skip Bin Gold Coast

Asbestos Removal

When it comes to removing asbestos, sealing it in a double-lined and heavy duty plastic is essential. You may also double the bag before placing it into our bin to ensure that they are not mixed with any other general waste. We can collect any asbestos for you and provide you with a Waste Transport Certificate if you need it.

Heavy Wastes

Heavy waste includes disposing of heavy materials, and we can use our heavy waste skips to help dispose soil, dirt, concrete, bricks, paver, sand, mulch, rocks, pebbles, gravel, stones, roof tiles, stumps, and tree trunks.

All these means that no matter what type of rubbish or waste you have, we can help with the clean up during and even after filling up the bins since it is part of our services.

Kinds of Skip Bins in Gold Coast

We have different skip bins available for your general clean up, which means that you have a lot of bin size to choose from. Here are out skips Gold Coast bins that we can immediately send to your home or business property so our staff can help you fill them for you.

2m³ Skip Bin Hire

One of our smallest skip bin is the 2m³, which is also our regular bin that is seen outdoors. The bin may be small, but it has a lot of space for your smaller rubbish removal tasks. Whether you are getting rid of your garden waste or any domestic waste from your spring cleaning, the 2m³ can help you with that.

No matter how much waste or rubbish you need to let go, all our skip bins and our service team will help deal promptly and efficiently at the price that you will surely find very interesting. Our team of experts will help you with the collection of your rubbish.

3m³ Skip Bin Hire

Now, if you prefer a slightly bigger skip bin, our company has a 3m³ skip bin is the solution for you. This bin is very versatile as it can fit almost anything, and if you need any help, our helpful and friendly team will help cart off the expert and efficient disposal.

We have a licensed waste team, which means that we will always make sure that all your waste are disposed in an ethical manner; we also offer deliveries to recycling purposes.

Contact our helpful and friendly skip bin experts so they can discuss whether this size of skip bin is the right one for your disposable needs. Rest assured that no matter how much rubbish or waste you have, our bins can work with those at the cheapest price available.  Once decided, you will make a delivery almost immediately.

4m³ Skip Bin Hire

If you need a medium bin but is still one that is small and compact, the 4m³ bin is the one that you need. This type of skip bin have the ability to carry twice as much rubbish as out the 2m³, while still being ideal for residential properties. Our skip bin can handle everything from house rubbish, garden waste, rubbish in the attic, and surplus office building materials.

Our expert team of drivers are well experienced in the legality and safely aspects that concern the bins’ placement. Book an appointment with us today so we can provide you a quote on the space that you need. We have different skip bin sizes depending on your needs.

4m³ Wheelie Bins Door

Here at Skip Bin Gold Coast, we make sure that all our customers will get the wheelie bins the they need. We offer the flexibility and capacity that a regular 4m³ skip bin has but with an added door for maximum convenience when it comes to loading all types of garden waste and building wast, including appliances.

Our 4m³ wheelie bin door has an innovative design and a rugged construction to ensure that everything is easily loaded. Our bins are safe and secure for transporting them for disposal or recycling.

6m³ Skip Bin Hire

If you have a huge load that needs to be removed, our 6m³ bins can help you with that. This bin is available with and without a door and is ideal for larger garden waste, commercial rubber, and even large residential jobs. The walk-in door is also available so you can easily walk your waste or wheelbarrow everything into our skip bin.

Talk to any of our specialists today to have your skip bins delivered promptly. They will also provide you with all the advice that you need, especially about the size of the bin that’s ideal for your rubbish.

8m³ Skip Bin Hire

For huge amount of waste or rubbish, the 8m³ is perfect for it. It is available with door and without a door for maximum convenience. This bin is perfect for home renovation and light demolition material, with the exception of dirt, concrete, and bricks.

Our friendly team can help fit this skip bin to your space when needed.

10m³ Skip Bin Hire

Our company’s business and trade customers usually need to dispose huge amounts of waste and rubbish materials. Our 10m³ can help carry all that for you. Worry not because our skip bin may be huge, but out prices remain competitive.

If you are looking for deceases estates, the 10m³ can also help. Contact our team today for more information.

12m³ Skip Bin Hire

12m³ is our largest skip bin to date which is perfect for construction waste and other large rubbish removal. The bins can be use for deceased estates too, but other heavy waste, including dirt, concrete, and bricks are not allowed for this.

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For any enquiry about our skip bins or if you are looking for a truck to hire for your industrial waste, feel free to call our friendly customer service through our local phone or send us a message through our website and they will assist you with the types of waste skips bin you need for your rubbish and waste management.

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